Happy Global Fat-Bike Day!

Happy Global Fat-Bike Day!  Actually, December 6, 2014 was officially the 3rd anniversary of a global celebration for all those interested in riding fat-bikes.  Urban myth has it that the holiday was started by a couple of very passionate Brits with the hopes to bring the fat tire community together.  

I don't own one yet....however, I have ridden them several times and would own one in an instant if I just had an extra few thousands $$ and enough room in my garage to store it.  Last month my wife threatned me with the..."no more bikes until you sell one" lecture.  That being said, she did say that our next dog will come with two fat-bikes, so maybe I should looking for a new dog? :)  

Fat bikes hit the scene a few years back with with 3.7inch tires or bigger and rims wider then 44mm.  The frames and stays have been designed to fit the larger tires.  They are typically used on snow and sand as it allows the bike to float on top of the surface.  Typical air pressures range from 5-10 psi which provides a very smooth soft ride over any terrain.  

A few years back several nordic ski centers began opening trails to fat-bikers.  Hardwood Hills in Barrie, has a series of trails open to fat-bikers during the winter months with groomed tails and rentals.  Around the Collingwood area, the Georgian Trail provides a great place to experience a fat-bike for the first time.  Venture onto the snowshoe paths in Cranberry Golf Course or the Eleventh Line trails.  Kamikaze rents fatties for $50 a day, give them a shout and reserve one for an afternoon of fun.

The best conditions occur on the colder days when the snow is packed and not slushy.  A word of warning....its only the beginning of December and the word on the street is this; if you rent one, you'll want to buy it once you return from the ride!...its happened a few times already.  

Get out and embrace the Canadian winter.