Pedal Pushers…from Diva Days to Corporate Days

Women specific cycling clinics, corporate cycling events and private coaching

Over that last few years I have had the pleasure of knowing, riding and working with Noelle Wansbrough on many cycling related projects.  Noelle is the owner/operator of Pedal Pushers, a local Collingwood business that helps cyclists of all types learn to ride safer, smarter and faster.  I’ve worked with Pedal Pushers on a few events including a corporate event with over 30 participants and a Diva Day.   I will tell you this, I wish I’d known of Pedal Pushers when I was new to cycling.   Pedal Pushers main event is their “Diva Day”, a non-intimidating women's only clinic that starts with cycling basics and gets women out on the road with everything they need to know to ride safely.

If you are new to cycling and are looking for top notch coaching, or even looking to climb faster or ride smarter, Pedal Pushers is your answer.  I recently had a chance to chat with Noelle and ask her a few questions about her love for cycling and the Pedal Pushers business.  Hopefully you find them helpful.

J: What is Pedal Pushers?

N: Pedal Pushers Cycling provides road and mountain bike clinics, coaching and tours in the Collingwood and Muskoka area.

J: What got you into cycling and what are you’re credentials?

N: My Dad got me into cycling at a young age. I grew up in Toronto and we would ride down to the beaches every Saturday for Ice Cream, which was a smart way for him to get me into the sport! I worked for Backroads bike tours in Whistler and started competing in mountain biking  in my twenties. I've been racing on and off since then.  I've worked in the industry for the past 15 years as a sales rep and I'm also a NCCP level 1 cycling coach.

J: Why did you start Pedal Pushers and how long has pedal pushers been around?

N: Pedal Pushers was started in 2009. The original goal was to get more women on bikes and the business has been growing ever since.

J: Where do you work out of?

N: I work out at Active Life Conditioning in Collingwood. In the winter I teach the Performance Pedal program there along with one of my pedal pushers coaches Stephanie Martinek and Smart Athlete coach Peter Glassford.

J: What services do you offer? 

N: Coaching (road & mountain bike), women specific clinics, co ed clinics, custom group training and corporate and group tours.

J: Can you paint a picture of what someone would experience during a Pedal Pushers Diva Day.

N: The Diva Day is designed for the beginner, intermediate road rider looking to improve their road bike skills in a non intimidating environment. The Diva Day includes a mini mechanic seminar, gear selection demo, skills & drills to improve climbing, descending and group riding. The clinic is fully supported and includes swag bag, snacks,drinks, lunch, nutritional seminar and optional apres at Le Scandinave Spa Blue Mountains.  Pedal Pushers offers a very personalized experience with a high coach-rider ratio. Our coaches Lesley Johnson and Stephanie Martinek have years of experience in both road and mountain biking. We also employ a wide variety of expert level rider leaders on our clinics to ensure everyone has support. My father Robbie Ross drives the support van and loves being involved in the business. Everyone is well looked after on a DD clinic.

J: What levels of riders do you work with for individual personal training?

N: I work with all levels of riders, male and female. Some are just taking up the sport and want to train for a charity ride or the 25 mile Centurion. Others are training for a half Ironman or the C50-C100 Centurion. Some of my clients are road riders wanting to try mountain biking for the first time.

J: Whats your most memorable Pedal Pushers moment/what was the most inspiring Pedal Pushers moment?

N: Seeing the expression on the cyclists faces when they achieve their goals whether its reaching the top of the Pretty River Valley Climb or crossing the finish line at the Centurion. One of my clients is from Mexico and had never ridden a bike. She attended one of my first Diva Day Clinics back in 2009 and seeing her finish the Centurion C50 was a very fufilling moment for me.

J: Whats on the horizon for pedal pushers?

N: There’s been a real increase in corporate groups wanting to get off the golf course and on the road so corporate road and mtn bike tours are something we are now offering. Last year we had a group of 30 executives up from the city for a 100km road tour so we are now also focusing in corp tours in addition to our clinics and camps.

J: When are the upcoming Pedal Pusher Events?

N: Diva Day Clinic May 2nd, May 30th, Climbing Clinic June 6th, Mountain Bike clinic (co-ed June 17th, 24th)and Diva Day Clinic July 25th (Muskoka).