May Long Weekend- Where to ride?

Spring has finally arrived and the forecast for the May long weekend couldn't be any better!  Many of the signs of spring have started to show in the Georgian Triangle and there are a few places you may want to consider checking out on the bike this weekend.  Here's my list of places to ride and places to avoid to make your experience more enjoyable.

Places to Ride

  1. Ride through the Pretty River Valley, with all the leaves and smells of new life just coming out, you will find yourself smiling from the top to the bottom of the climb.  End up at the newly renovated Feversham General Store for a coffee.
  2. Take on the section of road between Dunedin and Glen Huron, honestly, it will feel like your riding in Ireland it is so green! Make a quick stop at Giffen's in Glen Huron for breakfast.
  3. Take on the newly paved Scenic Caves climb and descend down through all the apple orchards past Loree and check out all the apple blossoms that just came out this week.  Grab a panini at Ravenna General store for lunch on your way back to Collingwood. 
  4. Check out the causeway on the way to Eugenia and see if there are any new osprey chicks in the nest :)
  5. Start and end all your rides at Curries Farm Market in Collingwood….opening for the season this weekend and they have a full new setup outside for cyclists!

Places to avoid

  1. Anywhere near Wasaga Beach- with the current forecast, Wasaga will be the last place you want to be on a bike.  The traffic will be backed up with cottagers heading to the beach and the number of cars will make it unsafe and nearly impossible to ride.
  2. Grey Road 31 between Rob Roy and Grey 2.  The road is currently closed for a bridge replacement.

Looking forward to getting out and riding this weekend!  Hope to see you out there.

Pretty River Valley May 17, 2016 Photo: N.Newman