Ringing in the New Year with PowerWatts Collingwood

It’s that time of the year again, time to plan for 2019 and start chugging away at your cycling goals.  I don’t know about you, but winter in Canada can be tough for those of us that love cycling.  Embracing the cold weather and making the most of the winter can benefit your cycling greatly.  

January and February are the perfect time to rest your body and work on that core strength.  Activities like snowshoeing, skiing, walking, running and some weight training can really work wonders on your cycling for the season.  However, it is also nice to keep the legs moving on the bike a few times a week.  

Over the past few years there has been some big technology advancements that have allowed riding our bikes year round much easier.  I’ve spend many years riding in my basement utilizing programs like Trainer Road and Zwift.  For me its great, but I have aways found that there is a component of it that is missing, the social part.

In 1994, exercise physiologist, coach and former professional Ironman triathlete, Paulo Saldanha, created the PowerWatts indoor training system. Dealing with the harsh Canadian winters and urban congestion in Montreal, Paulo was obsessed with finding a solution that would save time by avoiding "junk mileage", create value through superior functionality and, most importantly, deliver results with laser-focused accuracy.


Seamlessly integrating hardware, software and coaching methodology, PowerWatts stems from Paulo's vision and was further elevated, since its inception, by many years of practical racing experience combined with the science of high intensity conditioning.

Collingwood Powerwatts provides 4 bikes and a very social atmosphere for you and your closest friends, or cycling rival.  Spending an hour on a bike where you can physically see your friends push themselves and sweat can help combat the deep winter months in Canada.

PowerWatts Pros:

Hardware- No need to bring your bike, its supplied. Shoes are all you need. Bike is set up for you before you arrive. 

Software- PowerWatts CPX software has many features others programs don’t.  All of these features improve your cycling efficiencies by developing your neuromuscular system.

Coaching-PowerWatts Collingwood Classes have a 4-1 coach/ride ratio. Clients get the benefit of a much more personalized coach experience.

Group ride experience-Solo on a trainer is completely different than a group class.  Custom group classes for couples and friends are also available upon request.

PowerWatts Cons:

Zero to none, unless having a great time and getting in shape is something you don’t want?

If you are interested in PowerWatts Classes this winter, check out the online schedule HERE or contact them at pwcollingwood.info@gmail.com

PowerWatts has 60min & 90min classes available on weekends. If there is no time on the schedule that works for you, two or more people can be added to a session based on studio/coach availability.

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