Road Routes


The Apple Run

  • Distance: 45km
  • Ability - Intermediate - Advanced
  • Climbs- Grey Rd 19, Victoria Corners/Loree

"The Apple Run" is a challenging loop that many locals use for training .  It includes two of the best climbs in the area and takes in some breath taking views.  The name comes from the notion that you climb up through apple orchards on the edge of the Beaver Valley on the way back to Collingwood.  If you are looking for a shorter length ride with plenty of elevation, this is the ride for you.  This is also a great ride if you don't mind the changing elevation and great views.  Plenty of time for Instagram shots or selfies on this loop.

GPX file The Apple Run

Pretty River Valley (PRV) - Kolapore Loop

  • Distance: 50km
  • Beginner - Intermediate
  • Climbs: Pretty River Valley

The PRV-Kolapore Loop is another great ride if you are crunched for time or you just feel like a great two hour ride.   The Pretty River Valley is one of the most Picturesque climbs in our area and so named after the PRV Provincial Park.  This park has provincially significant geological features related to glacial and post-glacial processes along one of the highest points of the Niagara Escarpment. Features include meltwater channels, moraine and talus slopes. Over 400 species of vascular plants have been identified in the park.  Once up on the top of the escarpment, the roads are quiet and rolling.  Descend back into Collingwood with breath taking views of Nottawasaga Bay and the surrounding area.

GPX File PRV-Kolapore Loop

Creemore Loop - "The Coffee run"

  • 60km
  • Beginner - Intermediate
  • Climbs: Creemore or Fairgrounds (depending on direction of loop)

The Creemore loop or the "Coffee Run" is the most ridden loop in the Collingwood area, mostly due to the beautiful vistas and scenic rural roads.  Generally speaking, the Creemore loop is considered a fairly flat ride for the area.  Depending on the direction the loop is ridden, you will either climb out of Creemore on your way home, or you will ascend Fairgrounds Road on your way there, either direction is equally difficult.  Locals prefer to ride out of Creemore and north on Fairgrounds Road on the way back to Collingwood.  On a clear sunny day the views of Nottawasga Bay can be breath taking and extremely rewarding after the climb.  If you don't stop at Affairs Cafe in Creemore for a butter tart and espresso, you haven't really ridden the complete route!  Take the time to sit on the sidewalk patio enjoying your well earned treats, you'll need the fuel for the way home.

GPX File Creemore Loop - The Coffee Run

Local group heading towards the base of the PRV climb


  • 80 km
  • Intermediate
  • Climbs: Maple Valley or Pretty River Valley

The Badjeros Loop can be ridden in both directions, its up to you to look into the wind direction and make a game day decision.  If the wind is out of the west, you're best to ride up the PRV, if the wind is out of the east or south, you should begin by riding toward Creemore.  Taking the traditional route (up the PRV), you will have 10km to warm up your legs before you are at the base of the PRV climb.  For 7 km you will twist and wind your way up throughout the Pretty River Provincial park, for reference, the mid point of the climb is at the "T" in the road, where you will stay to the right.  The climb ends at Rob Roy, a cross roads where you will find the Osprey Museum located in a old school house.  As you continue south toward Badjeros you ride through picturesque country side filled with mennonite farms.  If you approach a horse and buggy from behind, be sure to swing very wide and over take them slowly, as you could spook the horses.  There is a small store at Badjeros where you can find water if needed, however, be sure to have cash on hand.  While there, you may be fortunate enough to meet the resident red cat, or "Shifter" as he is known to the local cycling community.  He's very friendly and harmless, so be sure to give him a little attention.  As you ride east and descend the Maple Valley climb the views of the Noisy River Provincial Park will leave you breathless.  The winding valley road is fun to cruise along as you pass through Dunedin on your way toward Creemore.  At the 50km mark, Creemore makes a great stop for lunch and to take in the local farmers market if you are there on a Saturday during the summer months.  The home stretch will take you along the Concession 6 rollers, leading you back to Collingwood.  This ride is great for all cycling levels and can be enjoyed any time of the riding season, just make sure you choose the right direction based on the wind!

GPX File Badjeros Loop

Eugenia-kimberley LOOP

  • 81.5 km
  • Intermediate
  • Climbs: Pretty River Valley, Redwing, back side of Grey Road 19

The Eugenia-Kimberley (Beaver Valley) Loop is one of the most scenic routes in the Collingwood area.  This loop can be ridden both ways, but my favorite way is to head up the Pretty River Valley climb to start.  One concession south of Rob Roy you head west on 10th Line.  Within 5km you will take a quick left at the bottom of a steep roller onto River Road which will dump you out right downtown Feversham.  If you need a quick break, the folks at “Shorts General Store” love cyclists and will fill your water bottle no questions asked.   As you head west on the 8th Line the landscape changes to rolling hills and lots of local farming, this is a great place to ramp up the pace line if you are in a large group..   As you get closer to Eugenia, you cross the large cause way on Lake Eugenia, this is a good place to stop and check out the cottages on the lake and take in the beautiful scenery.  Within 5 minutes from the lake is the Eugenia Falls Emporium (open after May 24 weekend) and Top of the Rock store (open all year).  This makes a great stop during the summer months.  The famous Eugenia Falls is directly across the road and a short hike in if you have the time (best not to do it road shoes ).  While this is a great stopping point, you can opt to ride 12 minutes down the road and descend into Kimberly for lunch as well.  The Kimberley General Store boasts amazing baking, delicious sandwiches, awater station for cyclists and plenty of great treats and coffee.  Unwind under the outside structure and stay out of the sun on that hot summer’s day!  The way home offers nothing but climbing, the reason I love this route.  As you leave Kimberly heading north on Grey 13 you cycle past the Beaver Valley lowlands on your right side.   Taking a right onto Grey Road 119 takes you back toward Collingwood.  As you continue to climb on ever so slight grades  you can take in the beautiful views of the farms around you.  Turning right onto 10th Line, you head south toward Redwing and the “Redwing Wall”.  Lucky for you, this way takes you down the “wall”!  As you continue south the steeper climbing begins, but it is only short lived as you turn east again toward.  Grey Road 19 on Side Rd 9.  As you approach the top of Grey Road 19 climb, take in the beautiful views of Nottawasaga Bay and the local area.  After all the climbing, be sure to stop at Curries Farmers Market, sit on the covered patio, drink a coffee, eat a peach and feel good about what you just accomplished!

GPX file Eugenia-Kimberley Loop