The Climbs

The following are the most popular climbs in the Collingwood area.  The graphs indicate both the elevation gain (shown in Red) and the gradient (black line).  

Grey Road 19

5.7 km +258 m

Grey Road 19 is located a short 5 km west of Collingwood and is the most ridden climb in the area.  At close to 6km in length, most cyclists climb it in anywhere from 15-25 minutes depending on your ability.  The majority of the climb is a moderate 4-6 %, while there are a a few touches of 8% closer to the end of the climb.  This climb has full bike lanes in great condition as the road was repaved in the fall of 2013.

Pretty River Valley

7.2 km +202 m

The Pretty River Valley climb is a fun climb that winds its way up through the the PRV ending at Rob Roy.  The majority of the climb is is a moderate 4-5%.  The bottom portion of the climb is characterized by short quick climbs followed by flatter sections as you wind your way toward the mid sections.  Once you turn right at the "T" intersection, the second half of the climb includes a few longer ramps that eventually come to an end after one last 10% section that is locally know as McGillvary Hill.  Once you see the small sign "Rob Roy" nailed on a tree, you're at the top.   Normal times are anywhere from 16-30 mins to climb the PRV.

Scenic Caves

3.9 km +276 m

Scenic Caves is by far the toughest climb around in terms of gradient.  The climb itself is a fairly steady 12 percent for the majority of the climb.  The graph above depicts the entire climb, from the "round-a-bout" at the base to the very top passed the Swiss Meadows road.  Most locals consider the top of the climb to be at the parking lot at the 2 km mark.  Despite this, there is still a tough little section just past the 3km mark that kicks back up to 10 percent.  This climb has been the host of the Centurion and Provincial Hill Climb over that last 5 years.  Pay special attention to your gearing before heading up.  If you're riding a 10-25 cassette on the back and a standard double crank, you may want to think twice about heading up.  Typical times to the parking lot range from 9 -15 mins.  During the summer the Scenic Caves Nature Adventure store is open where you can purchase water and goodies.  Take care in descending, as the bottom corner is very tight.

Maple Valley

2.7 km +135 m

Maple Valley is a nice easy consistent climb.  The ride from Creemore toward Maple Valley meanders along the Noisy River and ever so slightly climbs towards Maple Valley.  The climb begins as you cross the bridge.  The overall ascent is averages 4-6 percent with steeper sections of 8 percent at the bottom and top.  The end of the climb seems like it doesn't end, so keep spinning along until you see over the last crest.  If you're lucky, once you make it to County Road 124 there may be a "Pop Stop" cooler on the side of the road set up by a few local Mennonite kids.  Drop in a loonie and grab a drink, help support the local economy!

Bowles Hill

2.1 km +140 m

Bowles Hill is one of the climbs that doesn't see as much action as the others.  Hidden away in the Beaver Valley, its a gem to ride and has recently been resurfaced (summer 2014).  Bowles Hills is the second toughest climb around as it reaches upwards of 12 and 13 percent at times.  The climb is shorter, but don't let this fool you.  Once you cross the bridge at the bottom, the grade quickly shoots up to 10 percent for a bit and then levels off for a bit before the second portion of the climb.  Be sure to keep a little in the tank for the second portion of the climb, this is when the climb gets serious.  The road will take you up and around the the left, jumping up to 13 percent, enough to take your breath away.  Once you see the "mirror" you're nearing the top of the climb.  A good regroup point is at the stop sign, just past the crest of Bowles.