Spring has sprung in South Georgian Bay...

After nearly four and half months of cold miserable winter weather, spring finally decided to show its face this past weekend.  Typically we have warmer weekends before mid April, but this year we haven't been so lucky.  

This past Sunday temperatures ventured into the mid teens while brilliant blue skys and sun surrounded us once again.  Saturday evening I sent out an email to several friends with the intentions of getting a small group together for a ride to Creemore.  For several reasons, which I won't bore you with, only 3 of us made the commitment.  For those of you interested, we rode the "Coffee Run" or what others describe as the Creemore Loop.  Personally, I love riding this loop via Fairgrounds Road as I love the climb before my espresso and butter tarts, yes thats plural.

The three of us left Curries at 8:30am and arrived in Creemore at 9:30am....not bad since we were all riding gravel bikes with knobbies.  Typically this time of year the folks at Affairs Cafe in Creemore have their tables and chairs out front on the sidewalk, but since its been such a cold spring, we had to ask to have one brought out for us.  Norma and her staff at the Cafe absolutely love cyclists and really do a great job making you feel welcome.  Be sure to park in the alley way beside the Cafe (try not to lean your bike up against the trees or flower beds along the front of the stores).  We sat there baking in the sun for half and hour; one coffee, one espresso, one latte and a few pastries, the way cycling should be.  

Under a bit of a time crunch, we headed home along the very popular Sixth Line back to Collingwood.  On the way back we passed several groups of cyclists heading toward Creemore, on route for some coffee and pastries.  

The "Coffee Run" is 60km round trip from Collingwood and is one of the flatter rides in the area.  Don't let this trick you, there are still lots of rollers, and if you take Fairgrounds Road, you will climb a bit!  As for now, the Creemore ride is in great shape and waiting for you.