Wet cold December roads….and hot lattes

Sometimes we get lucky in December and find a day that has plus temperatures and dry roads, this weekend, half of that equation happened.  After being inside on my trainer for the last two weeks, it was good to get pressured by a few friends to get out and hit the road for a quick hour ride.  The temperature was a steady 4 degrees and the roads were wet, so I put on the fenders and rear lights and we set out for a very quick tempo flat loop with the intention to hit up a coffee shop at the end.  We had chosen a fairly new loop to the area, lets call it the “Airport Loop extended”.  When Highway 26 was realigned, the Province had to repave the old highway before they could hand it back to the municipality.  In doing so, the Town of Collingwood and the Town of Wasaga Beach worked together to have a gigantic bike lane put in…a win win for everyone!

From Curries Fruit Market, this is a fast, 30 km loop that will take you a quick hour to complete.  Its ideal this time of year as there is no climb, so you can remain warm by constantly pedalling.  The only area of concern on this ride is the three roundabouts that you navigate through as you cross the new Highway 26.  It can be a little intimidating, so be sure to make sure that cars see you, don’t be afraid to take your time.  Our group all had high viz jackets on and flashing lights; which I think is mandatory this time of year with all the glum weather we have.  People could see us as we stayed together through the roundabouts.  Once you hit the new bike lane on Beachwood Road, its smooth sailing until the Poplar Sideroad turn off.  You can choose your route back, we decided to head through the outskirts of town, navigating to the downtown core for a well deserved latte at Espresso Post.